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Trust your intuition, radiate confidence – reveal your true self.

I’m confident that even a single session of RTT Rapid Transformational Therapy can be healing, resolve issues and help you fulfil your potential. This is your opportunity to positively heal your past and forge your future. Harness the power of your subconscious – you deserve the best. You are enough!

Initially trained as a Reiki practitioner and teacher in 2003, Lesley subsequently became an NLP Lifecoach in 2006. In 2018 she was drawn to study and qualify in Solution-Oriented Hypnosis taught by Bill O’Hanlon, who trained and worked alongside Milton Erickson (who’d developed hypnotherapy and inspired Neuro Linguistic Programming). Excited to discover how effective Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy is – transforming entrenched habits, fears and phobias, Lesley is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Lesley pioneered the television series Video Diaries in the 1980s. She then worked at the BBC on Open Space TV documentaries to give a voice to people who felt misrepresented or under-represented by the media. She’s been fortunate to ‘produce’ two children, who’ve done a good job of bringing her up! Lesley started chanting “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” more than 40 years ago with the incentive of creating happiness and success for herself and others. She then naturally looked for effective complementary healing techniques to facilitate change in the world through inner transformation.


“It’s been very good I went in the eyes and ears open without any pre-fixed ideas. What came up made me reflect on quite a lot of stuff that I was blocked on. I was feeling really quite depressed, really hopeless. I was very stuck, I wasn’t in a good place at all. After the RTT it felt like my brain had been taken out and scrubbed slightly, given a good old brush, quite nice! I definitely feel different from it, it’s made me see things differently and allowed me to be angry. The last two years have been really tough, it’s not been easy, there’s been long Covid, housing issues, I’ve been really ill. The session was quite deep, I’ve done some therapy before and the RTT was quite tough! But I felt like I was in a safe space and in control.

I didn’t know where it would take me it was like something was there and then brought to the forefront. It made me see why I am how I am, and why I’ve allowed things to happen, which I shouldn’t. It’s been good, there’s definitely been a change in how I’m going to deal with myself and people. I will not let people talk to me or treat me like I’ve been treated the last few years.

But it makes sense to me to know why I am how I am. It’s easy to say that now, but I suppose sometimes it takes this journey. As a therapy session for me I definitely found it very very helpful. I was in control, you were guiding me. I was quite surprised where RTT took me to be fair, because I wasn’t expecting that specifically. Related to my issue I didn’t know where I was going to go, but I went where I needed to go, and it’s almost like I’ve put that to bed now and I feel very different in myself”  Tristan

Price guide:

Hypnotherapy is equally effective online and in-person. It’s great to be able to support you wherever you are. Everything is secure and confidential, no matter what. I offer an initial free video Discovery Call to clarify your needs and discuss your best options. If you have any initial questions, or would prefer to phone, please ring on +44 7900 975 276.

A ‘Breakthrough’ 90-minute RTT (rapid transformational therapy) session for £250 includes preparation, follow-up calls for 3 weeks, and a personalised Transformation recording to shift habits, phobias, blocks and addictions. A ‘Foundation’ package of three 90-minute RTT Hypnotherapy sessions is available for £600 to consolidate core changes.

You might also like to consider integrating Hypnotherapy with Lifecoaching, as this is a winning combination in supporting you to achieve your goals! My ‘Metamorphosis’  course integrates three 90-minute Hypnotherapy with three 60-minute Lifecoaching sessions. This combination supports you to achieve your goals and establish an ongoing winning mindset!

Online Hypnotherapy and Lifecoaching sessions provide a wonderful opportunity for me to contribute to your healing and growth wherever you are. I also welcome in-person sessions, including energy healing Reiki treatments and training, in Clapham, London.

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Lesley Butler receiving her RTT Hypnotherapy certificate from Marisa Peer.
Lesley receiving her RTT Certification from Marisa Peer