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A woman's silhouette, arms outstretched to perform reiki.

Step into the Light with Usui / Tibetan Reiki.

Lesley has been a Master Practitioner and Teacher since 2003, and is a member of the UK Reiki Federation, so you’re in safe hands. Benefit from receiving this natural energy – Reiki is a gift and a positive healing process. Lesley also provides the opportunity to train as a Reiki practitioner to help yourself and others.

Lesley began studying with Stewart Ivory towards the end of the last millennium! From the first treatment she received, she immediately recognised the familiar energy of Ki (also Chi, Qi or Kyo) as she had been chanting “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” since 1982.

Fascinated with dynamic movement, Lesley photographed the Gyroscope featured on this website in 1986. All the other pics are of Lesley dancing. She’s named her wellness practice after the Buddhist concept of Human Revolution.



“A fantastic first Reiki experience. Thank you Lesley you are incredibly skilful and sensitive. I feel lighter and clearer and just the chat with you afterwards alone would have been worth it. See you again soon!”  Paul Cutler

“Amazing and powerful. Felt relaxed in a way. Am now relaxed and refreshed. The heat from Lesley was quite something.”  Amanda

“Very warm and calming feeling. I felt completely relaxed and it was lovely not to necessarily know where Lesley was at certain moments. Consistent feeling of numbness and energy flowing through my body. The use of touch at only certain points grounded me. I came here not to think about the things in my life however I found myself thinking about it all and getting through it and enjoying it rather than it being a heavy feeling. I feel completely dazed in a very nice way you. Use of music and blanket very comforting Lesley felt very in tune with my feeling. Thank you!”  Marco Favaro

“I feel like I’ve been floating on a cloud, as though I’d completely left my body. I felt so calm and at peace – it’s almost the death of the body and the soul is floating. I feel very relaxed and energised. Thank you very much for this beautiful experience Lesley.”  —Shireen


“Very positive and inspiring and explained in a lovely uncluttered way.”  Leo

“I have been practising reiki on myself (not as much as I would like to!). Thank you so much for making it such an interesting and valuable experience”  Thomas

“Didn’t know much about Reiki before coming to Lesley’s workshop. Thankfully she performed Reiki on me so that I could understand how it could feel. Everyone experienced it differently. Overall, I am glad to have been able to get on an inside view on Reiki I. It was nice that it wasn’t made like being at school, but being able to learn about it in a kind of friendship way. I hope that I’ll take all on board and make it useful for myself and others.”  Aiofe

Price guide:

Treatment — £50 per 1 Hour session (with extra time for reflection and herbal tea).

Training — £250 for each level Reiki I, II and III. 2 half-days training includes attunement, treatment and refreshments, certificate and ongoing supervision.

As well as in-person energy healing Reiki treatments and training in Clapham, London, I also offer online Hypnotherapy and Lifecoaching sessions, which provide a wonderful opportunity for me to contribute to your healing and growth wherever you are.

I offer an initial free video Discovery Call to clarify your needs and discuss your best options. If you have any initial questions, or would prefer to phone, please ring on +44 7900 975 276.

Lesley Butler's Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher certificate.
Reiki Certification - Click to zoom
UK Reiki Federation Logo. Click for UKRF website
Member of the UK Reiki Federation
Diagram of Lesley Butler's Usui Reiki Master Lineage tree.
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